Awesome Uses for Used Batteries

Just because your battery is used, does not mean you have to dispose of it. With a little creativity, you can get more life than you ever dreamed out of your used batteries. If you are the type to collect your old power cells until it is worth a trip to the disposal center, you might be in a great position for an inventive DIY project. Additionally, you might be able to get some clean energy going in your house with the help of those dead batteries.

Do you want to get a little dirty with an art project? Grab a good pair of gloves, a Styrofoam ball and some high quality glue. You might even have these items in your garage already. Go ahead and spray-paint the ball black or another base color of your choosing. Take your AA, AAA, D and other batteries and arrange them in a pattern or randomly. Glue the negative ends onto the ball and watch as you build a creative talking piece for your living space. You can also paint the batteries themselves to create a more cohesive color scheme.

If you want to make a fun coffee table, grab all of your old batteries and even ask your friends if they have extras lying around. Dispose of any leaking cells and use gloves when handling them. You can either use a thrift shop table or build your own with some plywood. Next, attach the cells to the flat top with the batteries oriented in a horizontal or vertical fashion. You can arrange the batteries in a pattern or create paint the cells one color. Put a sheet of clear or tinted glass on top to complete the look.

Should you know anything about circuits, you can recharge your batteries with solar energy. Even if you’ve never built a circuit before, you can recharge your batteries using a solar panel and a few wires. Some batteries are simply out of juice and can be reused. If you do this project, be sure to use the proper hand and eye protection, and be very careful around children. Battery leakage is toxic and should not be consumed or come into contact with skin.

Batteries aren’t useless once they run out of power. In fact, you can recharge some models and use them to power your lamps, clocks and remotes. Additionally, they serve as an interesting building and accent material for DIY decorating projects. Don’t under estimate what you can do with your used batteries. Visit this website to learn more about used batteries in Carlsbad.


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