How to Keep Your Truck Battery in Good Shape

Taking good care of your truck is important to help it last for a long time. There are many components to your truck, but one that may be somewhat neglected compared to the other parts is the battery. There are a couple of simple ways you can keep your batteries in good shape, which can save you money, time, and prevent a stressful situation later.

Clean the Corrosion

You don’t want any corrosion anywhere on your battery. You can prevent this by cleaning it with a special product that you can purchase at an auto parts store. If you can, get it in a spray form, as it will be easier for you to clean. Remove the cables before cleaning anything, and make sure to remove the negative cable first. Take special care when doing this. Then you can use a brush along with your spray to clean off any corrosion that you may see.

Don’t Leave Your Lights On


When you turn your truck off, make sure that you don’t leave any lights on in the truck. This can drain the battery and if left long enough, you will need someone to jump start your truck before you can get on the road again. If you ever experience the misfortune of needing a jump start on your battery, then make sure you keep the truck running for at least thirty or so minutes to give the battery a chance to recharge. Please visit this website to learn more about truck and RV batteries in Escondido.


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